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Our website service provides every element of web design in Dorset, from the more obvious and superficial elements to SEO or search engine optimisation. SEO is about developing your site so that it produces organic traffic from Google searches. If no traffic is being created then no-one will be aware of your site. SEO is creating brand awareness.

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Your ultimate goal must be to rank as high as possible on Google searches for your chosen areas. Your chosen areas are the things that relate to what you do as a service or business. When someone searches Google they will type in keywords or phrases. These are the terms you want to implement into your site in a natural, highly unique and quality manner. If you type your chosen keywords into Google search, for example - web designer staffordshire - and hit enter, the top five results will be your top five competition. Click on these sites and look at what they have done. Read their content. It will probably incorporate keywords in a natural manner so that Google picks them up and hopefully indexes their pages.

Your site content must be useful and unique, not just simply a pointless piece of text with the targeted keywords simply crammed in. Google will not consider these pages as good enough. Your page ranking will most likely drop and your site will not be seen as being as credible as quality sites. Don't just drop web design staffordshire all over the place in a piece of text which doesn't really make sense. Your content also needs adding to and updating regularly. This includes the main landing pages, as well as the lower links on your site.

You also need excellent quality backlinks coming from your site. These are domains that have been backlinked to your site so their ranking and credibility rubs off on you. In fact, for a long time this has been so important to how Google works in comparison to other search engines, so much so that originally the creator called it BackRub.

But web design is a lot more than just SEO. For example, CRO or Conversion Rate Optimisation is also crucial. SEO creates traffic but CRO converts this traffic into services. You may rank highly in Google which means many people click on your site, but if simply isn't what they wanted then you won't create any business. Notice the keyword mentioned above has staffordshire included which narrows down location. Someone looking for a service is likely to type in where they live or need the service but won't get as many searches as web designer on its own. Narrow your field and make sure your site relates very closely to the keywords chosen.

Also design your interfaces so that the site can be navigated easily and make sure the most important outcome you are hoping for is obvious. For example, if you want someone to contact you to discuss a service then have 'Contact Us for...' as a clickable link before the fold on the first page. The fold is bottom of the page before having to scroll down.